Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Spoiled night

I want to spoil this night
And remember those little details
 I forget day by day…

...I want to dance in my mind
Under that piece of moon
Hanging in this invisible evening...

...I want to spoil this night
sleep from midnight to morning
and wake up from this madness
holding hands with hope...

I want to be who I was
When I knew how to turn
casual into magic
Or return to that  world I invented
And believed in my heart it was true

"I want to live as if I was dreaming
And dream while I live my dreams"

Create my own music
Sing with my voice
The tones of my life

And  spoil this night
To  pretend everything
Is under control
With this cruel instant about to unmask
This subtle reality
Until I vomit all fear

Good night outside
It’s been a pleasure
Chatting with you.

Ronald Vladimir Vega


  1. me gusta lo q que escribiste del destino, por que en realidad el Destino No esta escrito, uno lo crea con sus desiciones